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  Massage Therapy

   Every massage I give is a combination of all my skills and knowledge, therefore I charge by the time I spend with you, not by the

   type of work I perform. A variety of techniques and tools are used to achieve deep relaxation while addressing your areas of pain

   and tension. Swedish and deep tissue massage, myofascial techniques, stretching, massage cupping and energy work are all used

   as needed to address your specific needs. The massage table is heated and a heating pad is available to keep you nice and warm

   throughout your session. Pricing is "all inclusive". There are no additional charges for items that would typically be considered

   add-ons, such as hot stones and essential oils.  Only ethical, therapeutic services are offered.


   45 minutes       $70

   1 hour                $85

   1 hour 15 min   $105

   1 hour 30 min  $125

   1 hour 45 min  $150

​   2 hours              $170


   Pregnancy Massage

   The stresses placed on the body are increased during pregnancy.  Massage can be very

   effective in relieving pain, tension and swelling in addition to providing overall nurturing

   and relaxation to the expectant mother. Massage may be performed at any point during

   pregnancy. Positioning can be adjusted as pregnancy progresses for the comfort of the

   mother. Side-lying and pillows make for a comfortable massage at any stage of pregnancy.

   *Prices are the same as Massage Therapy


   Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing that helps the body balance itself physically,

   mentally and emotionally. It is done by placing the hands on the body in a fixed position for a

   period of time. It is deeply relaxing yet energizing at the same time.  This treatment is three

   parts - discussing any issues you want to focus on, hands on time, and a follow up discussion. 

   45 min hands on + 15 min consultation  $75

   60 min hands on + 15 min consultation  $95


 Integrated Massage

  A combination of massage and reiki seamlessly blended into your treatment. Reiki is used

  to relax and soften especially tight areas, followed by massaging the area for an even better

  release of tension. Great for stubborn areas of tightness that have a hard time letting go. 

  *Prices are the same as Massage Therapy

 Couples Massage Class

  This is a fun way for any two people to learn how to give a relaxing full body massage that

  also addresses areas of tension. I will guide each participant through the routine while we

  practice on your partner, so each person also receives a full body massage while learning

  how to give one. This makes a great birthday, wedding or anniversary gift! 
  Approximately 2 hours - $170

      ** Please call me if you have any questions or concerns about booking your massage.**



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